Sound Insulation Testing

Environoise Consulting Limited

Pre Completion Testing



Environoise Consulting Limited provides a full pre-completion sound insulation testing service. We are fully accredited by the Association of Noise Consultants for Sound Insulation Testing.


Approved Document E ‘Resistance to the Passage of Sound 2010 states:

'The person carrying out the building work should arrange for sound insulation testing to be carried out by a test body with appropriate third party accreditation.‘


All tests by Environoise Consulting Limited are done by one of our ANC accredited sound insulation testers. This means that the results will be accepted by Building Control and are available to them via the ANC on-line portal.


When commissioning larger buildings such as multi bedroom hotels, mehanical services noise and plant break out is also assessed. The good value and service provided by Environoise has resulted in us commissioning hotels and residential complexes in Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire, North Wales, Greater London and throughout the UK.


All Environoise Consulting Staff are holders of current CSCS cards and take site safety as an integral part of their responsibility.