Environoise Consulting Limited

Marine Services



Our bases on the Merseyside/Cheshire border and more recently on the coast near Bristol are ideal locations for us to provide an efficient cost effective service to our marine clients.


We can certify the noise level of your new vessel to meet client specifications. The 'Code on Noise Levels on board Ships' provides guidance on noise levels which should be achieved.


Smaller vessels such as Pilot ships can be difficult to design so that low noise levels are achieved under operating conditions at sea. It is important that consideration is given to vibration transmission and noise re-radiation as effective vibration isolation is key to providing good sound insulation on vessels. This is true for vessels with either GRP or steel hulls.


For larger vessels such as RoRo ferries we have successfully completed many noise and vibration assessments covering vehicle loading decks, engine rooms and ancillary spaces. We have also assessed vibration in ship's cinemas so that passengers can enjoy movies being stirred but not shaken!


Further information on some of our projects can be found on this link to a pdf document.