Environoise Consulting Limited

Industrial Services



Our industrial services cover both internal noise at work assessments and external noise mapping for new projects. We undertake noise surveys to satisfy the requirements of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, investigate difficult plant noise and vibration issues and advise on how best to reduce noise to acceptable levels.


We also assess/hand arm and whole body vibration and are able to provide practicable ways to reduce exposure levels as required by the EU Physical Agents Vibration Directive.


We also provide noise maps of internal noise levels as part of our comprehensive noise assessments


We have extensive experience of the design of noise control for food, pharmaceutical and drink factories, where the hygiene requirements can prohibit the use of conventional treatments. We have an engineering approach to noise control so that where possible, noise generation is eliminated at source.


Our coastal locations in the northwest and southwest means that we are ideally placed to provide advice on marine noise and vibration issues.


Our experience enables us to have the confidence to advise on the largest industrial projects including power plants, manufacturing facilities and utility suppliers.


Some examples of where we can help are:


  • Control of Noise at Work Risk Assessments
  • Training courses on Noise Awareness
  • Noise Control Design
  • Vibration assessment
  • Vibration problem solving
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Noise Surveys
  • Soundplan noise maps and internal noise maps